About Me! :)

So this is the page where I tell you about myself..it’s hard to say without it being boring.. but here goes…

Typical city girl (not to be confused with your average city slut), Brighton born and bred.. Brighton being the city where its acceptable to be different, you aren’t judged on how you look or act…

Born in 96.. before technology took over the world, but now at the stage where its taken over my life, well, what can i say, im a teenager after all… I’m a teenager still looking for the balance between socialising and keeping up with work, I’m in my first year of college you see.. wanting to succed and go on to university but then theres nothing i like better than to go out and party with my friends, have a good time then spend the day after wrapped in my duvet with bacon sandwiches and cups of tea!

My friends will tell you im an outgoing person, guaranteed to brighten up your day, unless you dont know me, then im extremely shy, being in the city, you never really have time for reflection or to express your views, yes i have facebook, twitter and tumblr but none of those are what i want in a blog, so i made this you see, to express and reflect, and i can tell the world what i learn as grow as a person.. i’ll try to blog daily, and find time to express myself to all you fellow bloggers out there.. until then, stay safe and enjoy the bloggosphere!


P.S If your still reading this then… Congratulations! you managed not to fall asleep whilst reading about my boring life.. Happy Blogging!


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