May Favourites 2017

On my YouTube channel I do monthly favourites. I didn’t get to do this for May because of exams and I was going to upload a video today but I’m sure I won’t get the chance to upload it due to such poor wifi so I’ll take the opportunity on here.

So the funniest moment for May is a difficult one because I’ve been so deep in revision for exams and things that I haven’t taken a lot of time for myself so I think I might change this to just a positive day, one that really stands out. I would say this was when we went to the promotion parade for Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club! It was just a great day the weather was really good, although we were standing for so many hours and I got absolutely covered in beer it was just a really nice day and everyone was so happy so it was a great atmosphere! 

A favourite movie of mine was the new Pirates of the Carribean, “Salazar’s Revenge”. It was so much better than I ever expected because it is the fifth movie in the series and usually they get worse further through the series but no this is by far my favourite in this series! I love the cast and the whole story was gripping and at no point was I thinking that it was going on to long or wanted it to end. So without giving away too much it was just following the adventure of Captain Jack Sparrow and him getting into trouble (as always) involving the son of Will and Elizabeth Turner and they embark on a journey to find the Trident of Poseidon. Definitely give it a watch if you like those kind of films! 

In terms of TV shows, I’ve been binge watching Dance Moms, I’m currently on season 5, as well as Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Also recently started Jessica Jones which is a Marvel series on Netflix. If you’re a Marvel fan, I definitely recommend it, it’s so full of mystery but I can’t really talk about it without giving too much away so go check it out! 

Favourite foods to have this month have definitely been stir fry because it’s been quite hot weather and stir fry is quick and easy, not standing over an oven for hours on end and it’s also super yummy- every time I have stir fry I always want more! And of course I have been loving barbecue food, since the sun made an appearance literally had about 5 barbecues the past month so yeah, burgers, hot dogs etc yum! Also this isn’t exclusive to May but I am totally obsessed with coleslaw right now, I never used to be a fan but now I could literally eat it by the bucket load!

Next up my favourite products! When I got paid in May I treated myself to some new makeup and really wanted to try and make an effort with it. So I bought the NYX ‘matte but not flat’ liquid foundation and the NYX contour wonder stick! (And of course a new liquid lipstick because I couldn’t help myself hehe). The foundation is brilliant for my skin! I really struggle to find a good foundation for my combination skin but I think this is the one! Unlike others I don’t find it dripping down my face when I get a bit hot and sweaty, nor does it completely dry my skin out! So that’s fantastic, if any of you have combination skin or just struggle to find the right foundation, go check out NYX, they have a range not just the one I bought! (This isn’t sponsored I swear I just love NYX makeup as it’s such good quality and it’s cruelty free) and then the contour stick was also great! It’s cream rather powder but the highlight definitely brightens up my face while the contour adds the colour, and you don’t need much when using it, plus the stick form makes it super easy to apply! The liquid lipstick was from their soft matte range and I got the shade Rome which is a nude with a darker undertone so comes out slightly darker than my normal lip colour so it’s perfect when I want to wear lipstick but also don’t want the fuss of using a bright colour! 

So that is basically my favourites for this month! Hope you enjoyed the post! 

Love Danni xo


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