Returning to Blogging!

FullSizeRender 2.jpgHi Everyone!

I’m back with a change of name and most likely a change of content to this blog but we will see how it goes!

So why did I stop blogging?

I really enjoyed writing pieces for others to read however I struggled to find my feet so to speak, there would be occasional ‘hot topics’ which I wanted to air my opinions on but then there lacked consistency with the topic and general theme of this blog. I also stopped because college A-Levels, University (you know the usual excuses). I was also very aware that some ‘hot topics’ may have very diverse opinions from various people and I did not want to upset anyone who may read the post and have different opinions!

Why do I want to blog again?

As I said, I really enjoyed writing the few blog posts that I did and so I just want to have that back, as a sort of relief and escape from the usual grind of every day life. I’m not entirely sure in which direction this blog will go, I may just document everyday life and things like that. I have also started a youtube channel (just search for ‘ Danni’s World’ if you want to see that), and I feel blogging alongside that will be a good match. I will keep some previous blog posts but at the same time I would like this to be a sort of fresh start so lets just see how this goes!

Love Danni x



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