Imagine being homeless

homelessSo, one of the advantages of living in a town like Brighton is that there are things to do suitable for all seasons and are available until late at night but when the night is over and it’s time to walk to the bus stop, you wander past doorways cramped with those that have struck upon some bad luck, that’s right I’m talking about the homeless.

I was walking back from the theatre tonight and this young couple who were snuggled down in a doorway asked if I could spare some change, now… I was unsure of what they would spend this on so I’d much prefer to buy them something but as everything was shut around me, I said no, slowly walking away and began to feel guilty.

A few minutes later, when I was standing at my bus stop, I glanced across to a doorway on the other side of the road where two middle aged men were laying camp for the night. At this moment, the most remarkable, heart-warming thing happened that I have ever witnessed. A couple walked past, and gave these two men a large hot pizza in a takeaway box, as the couple walked away you could hear the happiness in this mans voice. He knew that there are still nice people in the world.

Now… I know I said I didn’t want to give money because I was unsure of what they may spend it on, such as alcohol or drugs but I find it very disrespectful of those people who generalise to all homeless people and say it was their fault cause they are “alcoholics” or “druggies” you have no reason to make that assumption. You would have no idea what they may have been through to end up in such an awful situation, and just ask yourself, would you want people judging you if you had to camp on the streets every night because you couldn’t afford to pay the bills?

It has occurred to me recently that it must be a billion times harder to be homeless in the winter with temperatures falling below zero, we lose many of those people to illness such as hypothermia, people that just because they are homeless, they still do not deserve to suffer the cold and risk their lives.

I am writing this post to raise awareness, for you all to consider helping the homeless next time you have a late night in town, it doesn’t have to be expensive just a cheap cup of tea to warm them up or a cheap ham sandwich from a local shop. We care so much for those that suffer outside of our country that we forget about those who are the same as us, who share our towns. I promise to all my readers, next time I am in a position to help someone homeless I shall certainly do so, I hope that you will consider taking the same action and make someone’s day.


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