#prayforboston… but what about Afghanistan?

Before i begin I would just like to explain, I am not against all the attention Boston is getting, and i found it upsetting when i heard the news, and i do wish all the best for everyone affected, especially those few families that lost loved ones, i do really feel for you and wish you all the best.

But, today in my psychology class my teacher stated a very fair point, which led to a debate that made all of us think. His point was…

Why do we care so much for America but so little for those in Afghanistan?

Just ask yourself that question for a minute…

Difficult to answer isn’t it? because no-one wants to admit the answer is because we believe them to be lower than us.

I know this may not be true for all of you reading this, and that, like me, you believe every single person is equal, no matter what their race and ethnicity.

I’m not talking about those fighting a war, I’m talking about the thousands of innocent civilian casualties every year, let me give you some statistics..

In 2007…1, 523 casualties which considerably rose to its highest point in 2011, to a unbelieveable 3, 131 casualties, that’s astonishing and you can see for yourself…. http://www.statista.com/statistics/75326/civilians-killed-in-afghanistan-since-2007/

Now in Boston… I believe there to be 3 deaths and around 100 injuries, I’m not saying this isn’t newsworthy because it most definitely is, and I’ve seen the pictures, and I pray that Boston will recover well from this, but why don’t we ever see anything on the news about the thousands of casualties in Afghanistan?

is it because the media don’t want us to see our own mistakes, the hell we put these people through, or is it because it isn’t newsworthy? I’m sure that we should receive more information about the wars we are fighting in the media, my teacher made the point that we don’t even know where our soldiers are fighting, and if they are in Afghanistan, then why? Afghanistan haven’t declared war on us, these British soldiers that are risking their lives for our country,are fighting unnecessarily. Not many of us know a lot of what our soldiers do, i don’t know if they are fighting, i don’t know if they are helping civilians, these things should be filling up the media. The people in Afghanistan, the natives, they are as newsworthy as Americans, they deserve just as much respect as everyone else.

This post isn’t meant to be upsetting or offending just thought-provoking, but please just think about the points I’ve made, and just ask yourself.. Why?

I hope that you will understand the things I’ve said and that I’m not against Boston making the news at all but Afghanistan should be making the news too.

Thoughts are with Boston,



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