30 Interesting Facts

  1. its-all-about-me1I’m a black belt in karate
  2.  I can’t deal with my nails being naked
  3. My favorite colour is purple
  4. i have an unhealthy obsession with mcfly
  5. I can’t pronounce vinegar, i say it vig-e-nar
  6. I’m a gleek
  7. Doctor Who scares me, especially the episode with the angels
  8. I can’t watch horror movies because I’m a coward but I still do regularly and can’t sleep afterwards
  9. I can raise one eyebrow
  10. When i wake up I have to turn on the lights and radio and TV  for no apparent reason
  11. I’m a perfectionist
  12. I have slight OCD
  13. I am a procrastinator
  14. I can’t go a day without music
  15. Chewing gum and yogurts cringe me out
  16. I hate that i bite my nails
  17. I’m very loud and outgoing but when you first meet me I’m really shy
  18. I love psychology, and I’d love to be a psychologist
  19. I never admit defeat, I always just struggle through a situation
  20. I love the film, Finding Nemo, and i mean LOVE
  21. I hate the abbreviation “LOL” it is extremely overused, i feel like punching someone when they say it
  22. I’m so scared of thunder and lightning that when i hear it, i cry
  23. I bully my best friends, not in a meaningful way, just a loving aggression 😉
  24. i literally cant think of anymore, sorry, i’m not very interesting 😦

Happy blogging



5 thoughts on “30 Interesting Facts

      1. Oh yeh, my sister is going cause it’s in Australia this year so close to home hah

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