Returning to Blogging!

Hi Everyone! I’m back with a change of name and most likely a change of content to this blog but we will see how it goes! So why did I stop blogging? I really enjoyed writing pieces for others to read however I struggled to find my feet so to speak, there would be occasional […]

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Imagine being homeless

So, one of the advantages of living in a town like Brighton is that there are things to do suitable for all seasons and are available until late at night but when the night is over and it’s time to walk to the bus stop, you wander past doorways cramped with those that have struck […]

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Ghost Walk of the Lanes, Brighton

When my editor suggested I try out a new activity that was out of my comfort zone, I was filled with excitement as the possibilities were endless. However, I settled for something practical and not too expensive, the Ghost Walk through the lanes of Brighton cost £8 per adult (the walk becomes cheaper for students, […]

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SO, i was nominated for this award, a few weeks ago but unfortunately haven’t had the time to come online and blog. As a result of being a nominee, i must answer 5 ‘super sweet questions’ and then nominate a bakers dozen’ bloggers, i.e. 13 very lucky people who must pass this on! so let the […]


Favourite Movie

FINDING NEMO. I literally love this film so much, i don’t even know why… Basically its a cartoon by Disney about this fish (Nemo) who is caught by divers then put in a fish tank in a dentist surgery in Sydney, Australia. Nemo’s dad then goes looking for him, tackling sharks, jellyfish, whales and the […]

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30 Interesting Facts

I’m a black belt in karate  I can’t deal with my nails being naked My favorite colour is purple i have an unhealthy obsession with mcfly I can’t pronounce vinegar, i say it vig-e-nar I’m a gleek Doctor Who scares me, especially the episode with the angels I can’t watch horror movies because I’m a coward but I still […]

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Les Misérables Review

New to the blogosphere, I thought I’d start with something simple, a film review. Les Miserables (12A), directed by Tom Hooper, is based in 19th century France during the revolution. It follows the journey of a prisoner on parole, and the decisions he makes which will change his life for the better. Before visiting the […]

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